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Bloomington, Illinois, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Normal, IL, DUI Lawyers

At Johnson Law Group, we fight for you and we fight to win. When it comes to defending you against criminal charges, our trial attorneys are extremely aggressive.

To be perfectly clear, here is what we mean when we say we are aggressive: We will do everything possible to see that the charges against you are dismissed or that you are found not guilty. We will use every defense strategy available. If the police or a prosecutor made a mistake somewhere along the way, we will use that to our advantage. We will file motions to suppress flawed evidence or motions to have your case dismissed. We will bring up medical conditions or other possible justifications for the crime. We will fight and we will fight hard.

Committed to the Best Possible Outcome

At our law firm, you will find attorneys who are former prosecutors and former police officers. We have seen the criminal justice system at work from more than just one angle, and we use the knowledge we have gained to pursue the best possible outcome in every case.

When a dismissal or a not guilty verdict is out of reach, we will use our knowledge to negotiate an outcome that has as little impact on you as possible. We strive to get felonies reduced to misdemeanors or to get prison time suspended. You can be confident that we will fight to get you the best possible outcome.

Successful Criminal Defense at All Stages

Whether you are under investigation for a crime or you have been charged with a crime, we can protect you. Even if you have already been convicted of a crime, we may be able to help. We provide criminal defense at all stages.

Our record of success speaks for itself. It covers everything from minor driving offenses to the most serious felony charges. In one case, we represented a person charged with murder and aggravated vehicular hijacking. The prosecutors worked for seven years investigating and building their case before filing charges. It took us one year of aggressive defense work to get the murder charges dismissed.

Start the Fight With a Free Initial Consultation

If you are ready to fight back against the charges you are facing, our Bloomington, Illinois, criminal defense attorneys are ready to help. Call us at 309-807-0373 or e-mail us.